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Aimoto Rinku (愛本りんく?) is a character in the D4DJ franchise and is a member of the group Happy Around!

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rinku has pink eyes and medium length blonde hair, with part of it put into an overhead braid. She wears a red bow on the right side of her head.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rinku lived abroad in Africa[3] as a child due to her parents' work, but she came back to Japan alone for high school and now lives with her grandmother. She is always cheerful and optimistic and can sometimes be seen as an oddball, calling even nature her friend. She became interested in DJing from her encounter with Maho.[4]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Akashi Maho[edit | edit source]

Rinku and Maho are the first two members of Happy Around! They formed a nameless group after Rinku's countless attempt to form a unit with Maho after she saw the latter DJing.

Ohnaruto Muni[edit | edit source]

Rinku and Muni are childhood friends, and attended the same elementary school. They reunited in high school after Rinku came back to Japan. Rinku was the one that inspired Muni to pursue art and she was delighted to know that she was still drawing when they met up again.

Togetsu Rei[edit | edit source]

Rei was Rinku's piano teacher before joining Happy Around! officially as the keyboardist. Rei really appreciates Rinku for everything Rinku has done for her, especially encouraging her to be the main vocalist for Brand New World after hearing Rei humming to the melody.

Yamate Kyoko[edit | edit source]

Kyoko was interested in Happy Around and Rinku's talents, so the two quickly became good friends when the two girls' groups crossed over in the anime.

Sasago Jennifer Yuka[edit | edit source]

Rinku and Yuka's first interaction happened after Rinku saw the latter taking pictures of her own abs. Rinku then asked if she could touch Yuka's abs, causing the latter to get embarrassed after Rinku kept touching them. The two became closer after that, and Yuka also instructed Rinku to exercise more, telling her that being fit would make it easier to sing and dance at the same time.

Hanamaki Towa[edit | edit source]

Rinku and Towa became acquainted after sharing lunch at school. Towa already knew of Rinku beforehand as she was a fan of Happy Around!'s music, despite their respective units competing against each other.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Aimoto (愛本) can be split into two parts. Ai (愛), which translates to love, and Moto (本), which can translate to origin or source.

Rinku (りんく) has no meaning on its own, but if put into katakana (リンク), it translates to the word "link."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name for "Happy Around!" came from Rinku's habit of yelling the phrase while joyfully spinning around.
  • When Rinku's name is put in katakana, it translates to "link". According to Takaaki Kidani, this is based on the fact that the main theme of the D4DJ project is "to connect".
  • She has the talent to feeling the beats with her body, which is the reason why she is the dancer and vocalist of the unit.
  • She owns a pet chameleon named Leon.
  • Her favorite food being donuts may refer to the fact that D4DJ Groovy Mix was developed by the company named "Donuts".
  • Rinku is not used to the cold weather, due to living most of her life in hot places.[5]
  • If you use "#グルミク" on Twitter, a small icon of her head appears after the hashtag. (#グルミク TwitterHashTagIcon D4DJgm Rinku.png)

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