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Akashi Maho (明石真秀?) is a character in the D4DJ franchise, and is a member of the group Happy Around!


Maho has sharp blue eyes and short brownish-black hair with yellow highlights. Her hair almost reaches her shoulders, although after the start of the second D4 FES. story in Groovy Mix it grew slightly longer. Compared to the rest of her group members, her skin tone is relatively more tan.


Deeply moved by a DJ performance she had seen in the past, Maho became immersed in DJ activities herself. Recently she has been trying track-mixing as well. She was persuaded by Rinku to form a unit. Although she is sometimes bewildered by Rinku's eccentric actions, she continues to improve her performance as a DJ.[3]


Akashi can be split into two parts. Aka (明) means "bright" or "light", and Shi (石) means "stone".

Maho (真秀) can also be split into two parts. Ma (真) means "just" or "right", and Ho (秀) means "preeminence" or "superlativeness".


Aimoto Rinku[]

Maho met Rinku for the first time when she accidentally went into Maho's classroom, mistaking it for her own. They met each other again when Maho plays the song WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Toki ni wa Okose yo Movement~ during lunchtime in one of the DJ rooms. After that encounter, Rinku was very interested with the DJ world and frequently asks Maho about it to know more. After Maho took Rinku to see one of Peaky P-Key's live, Rinku wanted to do a live as well. In the end, these two form a nameless unit that is later known as Happy Around! after Muni and Rei joined.
When Rinku performed onstage with Peaky P-key during their Christmas performance, Maho was amazed by how well Rinku performed together with Kyoko, and started worrying over whether Rinku would leave Happy Around!, especially after seeing the two talking about a secret. After Happy Around! performed their new song, Kyoko reveals that the secret she and Rinku were talking about was Rinku commissioning seashell accessories for their unit, leaving Maho in tears as she realizes she was wrong all along. [4]

Ohnaruto Muni[]

Fellow unit member. Though they get along, they tend bicker over small things or creative differences.

Togetsu Rei[]

Fellow unit member. The two get along well and Maho often develops her tracks from melodies created by Rei.

Matsuyama Dalia[]

Dalia and Maho are friends and used to go to the same karate dojo together back when Maho was in elementary school (who practiced karate because her parents wanted her to learn self-defense.[5]). The two have fond memories of those times, and Maho especially remembers and admired how talented Dalia was even back then.


  • Despite having a fondness for sweets, Maho is able to maintain a healthy figure.[6]
  • When DJing, Maho uses the pseudonym "DJ Mash" (DJマッシュ). It is likely derived from an alternative reading of the kanji of her first name (真秀).
  • Maho has pet tropical fish.[7]
  • Her birthday is one day after her Japanese voice actress' birthday.


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