D4DJ Groovy Mix is a rhythm game published by Bushiroad and Donuts, based on the Dig Delight Direct Drive! (D4DJ) franchise. It is released in Japanese on October 25th, 2020 and will be available in English in 2021 for iOS and Android devices.

Story[edit | edit source]

"Now it's your turn!" Those words have connected generations across time. "D4 FES", a DJ festival that is the stuff of legends. Inspired by this festival, Japan experiences a new dawn in DJ culture. As DJs become the main method for people to experience music, performers called "DJ Units" have begun to appear. A culture that can be enjoyed by anyone, young or old, DJing has become an indispensable music genre. And now, 6 new DJ Units set their sights on this floor. The story of these girls aiming for the greatest moment begins![1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

D4DJ Groovy Mix is a free to play rhythm game which features a Story mode and Live mode as well as members of six units: Happy Around!, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, RONDO, and Lyrical Lily.

There are also secondary characters affiliated with D4 Fes., including members from backup units LynxEyes and Scarlet Canary.

All the units and characters have several voiced conversations engined with Live2D in Unit's own stories or D4DJ world map including special in-game events (e.g. halloween, character's birthday celebration).

Lives[edit | edit source]

There are three types of Live modes for players to choose from: Free Live, Multi Live, and Medley Live. There are a total of five note types:

  • Tap notes, blue in color, are activated by simply tapping the icon
  • Hold notes, yellow in color, are activated by tapping and holding down the icon
  • Slider notes, activated by moving the slider at the bottom of the screen in the direction of the corresponding pink icon
  • Backspin disc notes, orange in color, are activated by flicking a note in any direction. This triggers the Backspin mechanic, in which notes in the center reverse their movement for an instant before resuming normal movement.
  • Top Stop disc notes, red in color, are activated by tapping and holding down the icon. This triggers the Time Stop mechanic, in which notes in the center stop until the end of the hold note.

The players are tasked to tap the notes correctly according to the rhythm and type of note in order to receive a score. When you miss too many of them, the game will fail, and you will not receive rewards. Depending on the player's results, they will be able to receive rewards like practice tickets or gems to use for training and reading cards. 

Free Live[edit | edit source]

In Free Live, players are free to choose to play songs from the current discography without the limit of an in-game regenerating energy system, although the game does have in-game regenerating boosts. 

Multi Live[edit | edit source]

In Multi Live, players are put in teams with other randomly chosen players in real time where they play a Live together for the highest possible score. Instead of only getting your score, the total of all scores are put together. To join a Multi Live, you can either create your own or enter someone else's room.

Medley Live[edit | edit source]

In Medley Live, players can create their own setlists by connecting four different songs. Players may also share their setlists via randomly-generated IDs.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Each card is one of five available attributes:

  • Street
  • Elegant
  • Cool
  • Party
  • Cute

The attributes don't make a difference in the score you get while playing the game, but they are used for Event bonuses if you use a certain type and specific shards of the attribute are required to Train your members.

Events[edit | edit source]

Medley[edit | edit source]

For every live show played (either free-live, multi-live or medley), song points are earned. These song points can be spent to play one of the three sets of medleys for a chance to earn a great deal of Event points. Each medley has their own score-ranking with the highest scoring players receiving Titles and other Ranking Prizes

  • Note that setting your main unit with the featured bonus members and attribute can help you get a high score and maximum points.

Poker[edit | edit source]

After completing a live show, a card is drawn out of your poker hand, starting with 2 cards. The pattern of the suits of determine the rank of your hand after all 5 cards are drawn. The higher the hand rank, the more gold you get.

Bingo[edit | edit source]

For every 50 event points, you will receive a bingo ball with a number on it. The number can range from 1-75 (standard bingo). If your current bingo card has a number hit (matching number), you will receive a small reward from a pool of items. Continue to collect numbers to receive BINGO. Once you receive a bingo, you can trade in your card for another one, or hold onto the card to continue earning more rewards. Completing the entire card also gives you a completion reward. The first 4 card rewards are unique; after the 5th card is turned in or completed, you will continue to receive the same rewards as if you had the 5th card rewards.

Songs[edit | edit source]

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All screenshots shown below have been taken from this image, which can be seen on the homepage of the D4DJ Groovy Mix website.

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【事前登録受付中】「D4DJ Groovy Mix」PV【新作リズムゲーム】


「D4DJ Groovy Mix」リズムゲームパートプレイ画面


「D4DJ Groovy Mix」メドレーライブ


【事前登録受付中】「D4DJ Groovy Mix」山手響子(CV.愛美)自己紹介映像


「D4DJ Groovy Mix(グルミク)」事前登録受付中!CM

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