Dear Friend is the eighth episode of the anime D4DJ First Mix. It aired on December 25, 2020.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Rinku's guest performance at Peaky P-key's Christmas Concert is well received. Maho becomes anxious and consults Inuyose Shinobu about the thoughts bothering her.[1]


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Maho fears Rinku is being recruited to join Peaky P-key, and her worries are exacerbated by misunderstandings of conversations between the group and Rinku, particularly the latter maintaining a secret with Kyoko. She meets Inuyose Shinobu, Peaky P-key's DJ, and asks if Rinku is indeed switching units; although Shinobu is also unaware of such plans, she encourages Maho to make music better than hers to entice Rinku into staying. Shinobu reminisces about how Peaky P-key was formed, recalling that Kyoko had been a longtime fan who struggled to compose tracks that would consistently build excitement before agreeing to start a unit together. After Happy Around! performs their new song, Kyoko gives the group seashell accessories, which she and Rinku reveal they had commissioned as reciprocation for the latter's guest appearance at Peaky P-key's show.

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