Kase Mana (嘉瀬茉奈?) is a secondary character in the D4DJ franchise, and is a member of the group Scarlet Canary.

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Mana is an active DJ who spends her time performing overseas in America. With a cheerful and easygoing personality, and having lots of friends, she has the appearance of an elegant "big sister", but actually has an assertive, straightforward side of herself and can be rather outspoken. She loves the outdoors and her favorite hobby is solo camping.[1]

Eight years prior to the events of the main story, Mana formed a DJ unit comprised of Amano Airi, Himegami Shano, Takao Touka, and herself. They were incredibly popular; however, creative differences arose among them which resulted in the unit's disbandment. Out of this split came Scarlet Canary, which continued work as an underground on-campus unit.[2]

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