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Matsuyama Dalia (松山ダリア?) is a character in the D4DJ franchise, and is a member of the group Merm4id.


Dalia has white, curly hair that reaches her waist and blunt bangs. She has turquoise-greyish colored eyes.

In-universe, Dalia is generally regarded as attractive and handsome. One of her cards even directly deals with this, showing Marika and Rika asking for her to do cool maid bodyguard poses and lines (even calling her abilities in this "GOAT"), and Saori losing her defenses after the most "ikemen-ish" catchphrase.


Dalia devotes herself to practicing ballet, traditional Japanese dance, contemporary dance, and any other dance form in order to become a genre-exceeding dancer. She sees something that she lacks in Rika's positivity, and decides to join the unit. She is also a grade holder in martial arts, and acts as the bodyguard of the unit.[1]


All things considered, Dalia has a rather remarkable appearance and personality, combining both outstanding sex appeal and femininity with a calm personality and good athleticism and athletic skills. So, she successfully copes both with the role of a caring female friend for Hiiro, and a reliable older comrade and protector for Saori or Miyu.


Matsuyama (松山) can be split into two parts. Matsu (松), meaning pine tree, and Yama (山) meaning mountain.

Dalia (ダリア) has no meaning of its own. But since it's in katakana, it could be the Japanese equivalent of Dahlia.


  • In addition to being a member of Merm4id, Dalia works part-time at a bar.[2] Although she is employed as their bartender, she also serves as their bouncer.
  • Dalia is scared of ghosts. She later explains that she is mostly afraid of them because she doesn't know how to fight if she were to ever encounter one.
  • As mentioned in one of her in-game lines, Dalia is interested in floriography.
  • In one of her winter dialogues, Dalia mentions owning a cat which likes to rest under her kotatsu during cold days.
    • Despite this, she is sad over the fact her piercing eyes often cause animals to run away from her.[3]
  • She uses contact lenses.
  • Dalia's father is a three-star chef.[4]
  • Dalia has been featured in the following collaboration events:


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