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Negishi Ai (根岸愛) was born September 27, 1992 in Saitama, Japan. She voices Matsuyama Dalia and is a member of Merm4id. She is affiliated with Platinum Productions agency.


Ai had not initially considered becoming an idol, but she changed her mind after discussing it with others. At the time, she was in high school and being scouted by Platinum Productions[1], and in 2009 she made her idol debut as leader of the flight attendant-themed group PASSPO☆. She created albums with the group until their disbandment in 2018.

Dalia is Ai's debut role as a voiceover artist.

Due to her prowess at playing D4DJ Groovy Mix, she was given the title of "Groovy Mix Queen". However, on May 22, 2021, she lost that title to Fukagawa Ruka.


  • Ai's special skill is playing the piano
  • Ai's hobbies include gaming and playing soft tennis. She shares this hobby with fellow unit member Okada Mei.[2]
    • In fact, Ai is a self-described "game otaku",[3] and she's won several gaming competitions including an October 2013 tournament on the variety show "Suppa Rappa"[4] and a "ShogiWars Cup" tournament in 2015.
    • In particular, Ai is a big fan of RPGs, especially the Tales of series. She fell in love with the franchise after watching her older brother play Tales of Symphonia.[5]
  • Ai is half-Japanese, half-Filipino, though she is not the only half Filipino in the franchise, as Kato Rihona and Sumi Tomomi Jiena are the others.
  • Ai has a cat named Colette, despite being allergic.[6]