"I can't believe some people still don't understand the greatness of Muni-chan..."

Ohnaruto Muni (大鳴門むに?) is a character in the D4DJ franchise, and is a member of the group Happy Around!

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Muni has pinkish-brown hair and golden eyes. Her hair is tied into twintails with red bows, and her hair reaches down to her shoulders. She wears bunny ear headphones and has a piece of hair sticking up. Due to her wanting to be recognized outside of Happy Around's live shows, she also wears a regular sized bunny ear hairband that she accidentally bought online using Rei's account.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rinku praised Muni's drawing when they were young, and as a result she began to take drawing seriously. Now she has attracted attention on the internet as a renowned illustrator. She acts very affectionate to people who acknowledge her, but does not let her guard down with others. Muni likes receiving praise, she once said "Muni-chan is a growing girl who needs praises!" this can come off as snobby but she means well.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Ohnaruto (大鳴門) can be split up into three parts. Oo (大) means large, Naru (鳴) can mean "sound", "ring", "echo", and certain other words all relating to sounds. To (門) means gate.

Muni (むに) has no known meaning, but might be a reference to the phrase yuītsu muni (唯一無二, meaning one and only).

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Aimoto Rinku[edit | edit source]

Rinku and Muni were childhood friends. They attended the same elementary school, and reunited in high school after Rinku's came back to Japan. It was Rinku who inspired Muni to pursue art, and she continues to wonder if Rinku remembers what became such a pivotal moment in her life.[2]

Togetsu Rei[edit | edit source]

The two first got to know each other closely after Rei joined the band as keyboard player and the two spent a sleepover at Muni's house trying to come up with a song around a new instrument. After that, the two quickly became good friends, often exchanging thoughts during common conversations. It seems that due to Rei's gentle nature, Muni feels much more comfortable with her than with others. She has expressed that she enjoys introducing the very sheltered Rei to all sorts of junk food. Rei's unassuming nature also compels Muni to feel as though she has to protect her.[3]

Inuyose Shinobu[edit | edit source]

Muni and Shinobu do not get along and are almost always shown to be fighting when they're together. Due to their prideful natures they argue and bicker over the smallest things. The two also refer to each other with their full names. Because of this, their arguments cause people around them to feel uncomfortable.

Fukushima Noa[edit | edit source]

Muni refers to Noa as "Noa-senpai." Due to Noa's fascination with everything cute, she loves hugging Muni, something the latter is not fond of, as she tends to do it out of nowhere. However whenever Noa compliments Muni, as shown in one of their live dialogues where she screams just how adorable Muni is, the latter ended up getting bashful and thanking her for the compliment.

Shiratori Kurumi[edit | edit source]

Muni is also a frequent target of Kurumi's pranks.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Muni occasionally refers to herself as “The one and only Muni-chan” (唯一無二のむにちゃん, "Yuītsu Muni no Muni-chan"). In addition, she uses the pseudonym "VJ Only" in the Japanese, English and Spanish versions.
    • This is localized into English as "Mu-nique" (Combination of her name and Unique) and Spanish as "Soy Munica, Muni, o sea única.".[4]
  • She has a cat-shaped MP3 player named "Nyochio" that she always carries around with her and acts as the "mascot" of Happy Around.[5]
  • Muni claims she is made of "100% sugar", meaning she prefers to eat junk food or fruits rather than meat and healthy vegetables. She only ate them after get scolded by Rei and Hiiro.
  • Muni's weakest subject at school is language arts. This comes as a surprise to Rinku, who then tells the two used to be pen pals in grade school.[6]
  • Muni is quite proficient in rapping, as shown in the anime.[7]

References[edit | edit source]

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