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"I've made up my mind! I'll do it!"

Sakurada Miyu (桜田美夢?) is a character in the D4DJ franchise and is the center of the group Lyrical Lily.


Miyu has slightly wavy short hair that is a light pink color and her bangs cover most of her forehead. She has a small portion of her hair tied up with a flower hairpin. Her eyes are a slightly darker pink color than her hair.


Miyu is a kind-hearted and thoughtful high school student with good morals. She started her DJ activities when she came across some analog equipment with Haruna, Kurumi and Miiko. She loves singing and is well-versed in popular songs from the Showa era, as well as nostalgic music due to her family's influence.[1][2]


Sakurada (桜田) can be split into two parts. Sakura (桜), meaning cherry blossom, and Da (田), meaning rice field.

Miyu (美夢) can also be split into two parts. Mi (美), meaning beauty, and Yu (夢), meaning dream.


Kasuga Haruna[]

Fellow unit member. Miyu is adored heavily by Haruna.

Shiratori Kurumi[]

Miyu and Kurumi get along well and Miyu is the one Kurumi always turns to when Haruna is scolding the latter. She sometimes contributes to Kurumi's mischief (albeit unknowingly), such as in a few live dialogues: in the first one, Kurumi shouts out that she just saw a UFO. Haruna, surprised but flustered, wants to know where while Miyu curiously asks if an alien came to watch their show. In the second one, Kurumi says (but does not explain what it is) about being allowed to do something because God wills it, and Miyu replies with "if it's God's will, then there's no helping it."

Takeshita Miiko[]

Fellow unit member. Miyu and Miiko get along well, although Miyu is often perplexed by Miiko's airheaded behavior. Miiko was also Miyu's first friend in elementary school, who talked to her at the entrance ceremony.

Hidaka Saori[]

Saori is Miyu's private tutor and one of her maids as well. Based on an Area Conversation between them, Saori teases Miyu by treating her like a princess, much to her chagrin.

Aoyagi Tsubaki[]

Miyu and Tsubaki became acquainted during the Itazura na Santa Claus event. They both sing in choir together and Miyu admires Tsubaki's singing.


  • Miyu attends church and is a member of the choir.[3][4]
  • Miyu keeps a tank of koi fish at home.